Made with love, only the finest cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, naturally derived ingredients to keep you BEAUTIFUL. Meticulously formulated, our products are created with the highest quality natural ingredients combining the latest scientific research to produce result-driven formulations. We use a high percentage of pure active, certified ingredients that feel fabulous and achieve a visible difference.


Our Team

Our team of experts


Plattform No.1 launched itself by introducing ‘Orachic’ into the market. Orachic, which creates products as per market requirement, brought in paraben-free cosmetics to provide a safe experience. Committing itself to the delivery of result-oriented products, Orachic has become a reputed brand today.


Living up to their reputation, the team at Plattform No.1 has been busy promoting local small businesses. Ruva is a fine example of taking baby steps to a big leap. Products at Ruva were introduced by a courageous lady, She has put in her blood and sweat to bring in products right from herbal henna to other products like face mask, rose water etc. The lady has made an incredulous effort to provide authentic herbal products, Plattform No.1 has ensured proper channelling of these into the market.


A pharmacist couple approached the Plattform No.1 team to develop their brand Mayons which initially launched seven products and now have a line of 20 cosmetic products for customers. This couple has used their knowledge of manufacturing homeopathic medicines to come out with authentic and pure products for the growing cosmetic market.


Baha, a brand owned by a 35-year-old Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company, was launched in the market by Plattform No.1 with an idea of providing authentic and pure products. And sticking to its words, Baha has come out with unbeatable products.