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Made with love, only the finest cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, naturally derived ingredients to keep you BEAUTIFUL. Meticulously formulated, our products are created with the highest quality natural ingredients combining the latest scientific research to produce result-driven formulations. We use a high percentage of pure active, certified ingredients that feel fabulous and achieve a visible difference.


Slide Gentle massage on the scalp reduces hair fall. GROW WITH HUNDRED COMBS After application of oil give hundred strokes of comb And promote regrowth. GROW WITH HUNDRED COMBS PREVENTS GREYING Combination of herbs reduces dandruff. SAY YE BYE TO DANDRUFF REDUCES HAIR FALL REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN REDUCES HAIR FALL SAY YE BYE TO DANDRUFF SILK AND SHINE 7 oils together give lustre to your hair and soft glow too. SILK AND SHINE PREVENTS GREYING Roots of Mahabringraj present in the oil help stop greying.
STREET BUSTER Simple application with finger tips gives sound sleep and releases stress. STREET BUSTER Beauty Product SHOP NOW
Slide Being gel based works well as a moisturiser for oily skin. MOISTURISER FOR OILY SKIN MOISTURISER FOR OILY SKIN CONTROL SKIN BREAKOUTS Vitamin A controls breakouts of your growing skin and sebum production too. CONTROL SKIN BREAKOUTS PRIMER Vitamin C provides glow to the skin and reduces dark spots to make it glow. GLOWING SKIN REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN GLOWING SKIN Vitamin E gives flawless skin as it helps regenerate cells and has antioxidants which protect your skin from free radicals . FLAWLESS SKIN FLAWLESS SKIN PRIMER works as a primer to be used before makeup, so that your open pores are protected from the chemicals. EVENS OUT SKIN TONE Combination of Vitamins help even out your skin tone to make it more beautiful and charming.
Slide Creates a thin layer on your skin and Protects it from harmful UV rays.
PROVIDES ANTI-OXIDANTS Ficus in the formula provides antioxidants and helps stop ageing due to UV rays. PROVIDES ANTI-OXIDANTS SOOTHING EFFECT its nonstick formula helps you feel fresh throughout the day. NON-GREASY AND NON_OILY REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN WITH SPF 40 NON-GREASY AND NON_OILY LIGHTENS YOUR SKIN Licorice in the formula reduces the melanin pigmentation and makes the skin lighter. LIGHTENS YOUR SKIN SOOTHING EFFECT sandalwood and Also vera provide cooling and supple effect.
NO-PATCHY LOOK Gives a clear and non-patchy look after application. NO-PATCHY LOOK SHOP NOW
Slide Aleo Vera hydrates your skin CONTROLS EXCESSIVE OIL Neem and orange extracts control excesses oil . CONTROLS EXCESSIVE OIL WORKS AS ANTISEPTIC Neem reduces the dark spots and blemishes REDUCES BLEMISHES REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN REDUCES BLEMISHES ANTI TANNING PROPERTIES Orange extract treats the tanning on the skin ANTI TANNING PROPERTIES WORKS AS ANTISEPTIC Neem works as antiseptic for the breakouts if any. DEEP CLEANSING Deeply cleanses the pores and makes your skin radiant. DEEP CLEANSING SHOP NOW

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Natural beauty ideas.

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Baha under eye gel has helped me reduce the black circles around my eyes. Earlier, I always used to look stressed and dull because of the dark circles.It also reduces puffiness of my eyes which I tend to get due to late nights. However, with the regular use of this gel, my face looks radiant and healthy. My thanks to


Orachic 18 Herbs 7 in 1 hair oil has completely transformed my hair. This product is full of herbal magic and has made my hair very manageable. Despite long work hours and the pollution on the field, my hair look shiny and healthy. It’s a go to product for one and all.

Yamini Khurana
Marketing Professional

Ruva mehendi has turned out to be a huge relief for me as it is completely safe. The positive effects of this herbal mehendi are visible in just couple of days. I’ve managed to regain shine of my hair with this product. One can completely trust this product for its genuine and safe ingredients.

Ms Khatri

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